Ark Brand, LLC and Charlie Large
Ark Brand, LLC was founded on a big idea: To provide a solution to the current credit card debt crisis using a fun and interactive game. Adam Kornblum, the company’s Co-Founder, Vice Chairman, & CEO, approached a long-time associate Joe Davis (Co-founder & President) to collaborate on the creation of a unique self-help financial board game with a youthful focus. Adam and Joe both felt they could alter modern-day financial education by utilizing knowledge from the greatest minds in history, specifically Plato’s 2000 year old notion “to use the children’s games to channel their pleasures and desires towards the activities in which they will engage when they are adult…”

Having said that, the two set their sights high, searching for knowledge and experience from top people in the business world. Over the course of several months Adam and Joe have spoken with the CEO of American Express, Charles Wang (Co-founder of Computer Associates & Owner of the New York Islanders Hockey Club), Mattel Inc., Sababa Toys, Endless Games, Cardinal Industries Inc., WWE, University Games, Late for the Sky, and many others. After each meeting the consensus was that the innovations brought forth by the Ark team were great; however, something was missing.  Perhaps due to the partners’ inexperience, both men left each meeting wondering what went wrong. Soon enough, and by sheer luck, Adam met Jamie Skyy: Mr. Charlie Large’s personal assistant and director of his public relations.

Ark Brand has since teamed with Charlie Large to expand his own reach beyond that of a wealthy mogul working on referrals.  Through his partnership with Ark, Mr. Charlie Large is now making it his business to act as a mentor for our youth during the current, world-wide economic crisis. Moreover, as of May 20th 2008, Mr. Charlie Large as been appointed to the position of Chairman for Ark Brand, LLC.  Having such a tremendous resource on Ark Brand’s board further enhances the Company’s ability to promote financial and moral education for coming generations.   Furthermore, Mr. Charlie Large has had a huge impact on the development of Ark Brand's Charge Large Game.
Charlie Large
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Public Relations Coordinator &
Personal Assistant to Charlie Large
Jamie Skyy
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Co-Founder, Vice Chairman, & CEO
Adam Kornblum
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Co-Founder & President
Joe Davis
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CFO, SEVP, & Director of Education
Michael Smith Liss
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Director of Intellectual Property
William Howell
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Project Manager & Editor
Eric Kanterman
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Art & Creative Director
Andrew Kornblum
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Advertising & Marketing Coordinator
Phillip Sanders
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Facebook Publicist, New York
Samantha Viola
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Facebook Publicist, California
Victoria Presley
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