Mr. Adam Kornblum graduated the University of Maryland in 2007. He is well versed in physics, criminology, psychology, and philosophy.

At the age of nine, Mr. Kornblum decided to take his father’s expired American Express® Credit Cards and add them to Monopoly®. Over a decade later and after graduating from University, Mr. Kornblum deferred from law school to dedicate his time and energy into the development of the Charge-Large™ Board Game.

After being taken advantage of by an established product development company, as well as corporate America in general, Mr. Kornblum was on the brink of giving up when he ran into Jamie Skyy, Charlie Large’s personal assistant and director of public relations.  Ms. Skyy arranged a meeting between Mr. Kornblum and Mr. Large.  Through the various meetings Mr. Kornblum and Mr. Large discussed business relations.  However, their relationship has grown beyond business due to their shared interest in success stories and philosophy. Mr. Large has become a mentor to Adam.

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