Years back, Mr. Large invested in technology and innovation and profited extremely well. Up until this point he has been working on a referral basis as a consultant and metaphysician. Nevertheless, due to the country’s financial crisis, he is taking on the responsibility to act as as a resource and role-model to the public. His first step is by taking an interest in young entrepreneurs with great ideas that are focused on education and financial awareness. With that said, on May 20th, 2008, Charlie solidified his interest in Ark Brand LLC, taking the position of Chairman in the company.

His next phase to act as a resource and role-model begins with the launch of Charlie Large’s own personal public website.

In Charlie’s spare time he enjoys reading success stories, like those of Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, and the like. He is an adrenaline junkie and loves adventure and theme parks. It’s been said that Mr. Large continues his quest for wisdom by spending an hour every day before bed to read philosophy.